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Review of Law of Equity & Maxims of Equity

TOPICAL OUTLINES 1.Historical Origin and Development of Law of Equity in England 2.Maxims of Equity 3.Equitable Remedies include Injunctions, Specific Performance Etc. 4.Application of Equity in Kenya - The Nature, Historical Origin & Development Of Law Of Equity In England
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Impacts of corruption in the US

Corruption refers to the form by which people or organizations practice or uphold criminal offenses or dishonesty while being entrusted with the positions of power to acquire illegal benefits or abuse of power for the gain of a private individual. Corruption entails such activities as acts of embezzlement of funds, or bribery which may be carried out by public office holders or the government employees in their official capacities for their gains. Corruption, therefore, has a significant impact on the various scales or structures that the corrupt delve or interact with. Corruption has an impact on emerging economies. Such factors involved derail the prosperity of the economies and paralyze their normal functioning since the laws in place that regulate the economies are destabilized from their normal functioning. This as such results in the political and economic operations of such a country including the entire society being distracted and causing much suffrage (Duta & Sobel, 2016)…

Covid-19 has no chance

Hi there, With classes and public activities canceled, we’re all feeling anxious. But don’t forget that every hardship is temporary, and that this crisis is not an exception. Please, stay safe and remember that we are always here, ready to help whenever you need it. Here are a few things to keep in mind at the moment: Stay at home. Use this time to learn something new online and improve your sleep schedule. Take care of your family. Spend more time with your loved ones and help distract each other from worrying thoughts. Start reading. Instead of following unreliable news on social media, pick up a book. You can finally read about how to get things done, think more positively, and be creative. Stay connected to students online There is always a safe way to be social. We hope the health situation will improve soon. In the meantime, take care of yourself and stay sound.
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The Kenya Society has placed immense emphasis on tangible property such as land as a means of production and as a development mode. Intellectual property rights have hitherto been ignored. For long-standing public policy reasons, intellectual property laws have traditionally been intended to accomplish a balance between the need to support innovation and creativity and prevent unfair competition.

While the TRIPS Agreement was careful to specify the scope of information that is to be protected by the intellectual property laws of WTO-member countries, it did not detail all of the limitations that can be imposed on IPRs and thus a risk that individual countries will adopt trade secret laws that go further than is necessary to comply with the intent of the TRIPS Agreement.

The main objective of this study is to examine the extent to which interpretation and limitations imposed upon th…